The Whisky App Available on Apple’s App Store

The Whisky App has been released into Apple’s App Store today and is available on the iPhone to begin with. The Whisky App puts your whisky collection and tasting notes right at your fingertips. It is also a great companion for your whisky shopping.

Back in 2009 I released my first single malt whisky app called iMalt. I wanted a tool where I could keep track of my whisky collection and tasting notes that I could bring with me at all times. The whisky apps available in the App Store back then was too limited in their functionality and too hard to use. I therefore decided to make my own.

The first version included a few hundred whiskies and information about the distilleries that produced them. I also made a simple and easy-to-use tasting note framework where you could rate color, nose, body, taste and finish using sliders and pickers. It was also possible to write down notes. Later I made it possible to share tasting notes between users and I began to send out updates in the form of more whiskies and distilleries.

As of now iMalt for the iPhone and the iPad has been bought by more than 28,000 whisky enthusiasts.

When iOS 7 came out last year, I decided to start from scratch and make a whole new whisky app from the ground up. I wanted to keep all the good things from iMalt and also include some new features requested by the users. At the same time I wanted to adopt the lighter design of iOS 7 and make the user interface less complicated. The new whisky app should also include all types of whisky/whiskey and not only single malt.

Another thing that was important to me was to translate the new app into more languages. That required a new tasting note system that made it possible to translate tasting notes written in one language to be readable in another language. My solution was to use tags to create tasting notes. Tags a much easier to translate than written sentences but I also think that the new tasting note system helps you make better tasting notes.

I am really satisfied with how everything turned out and I am very grateful for all the help I have gotten from the iMalt community – especially with the translations.

So there you have it. The Whisky App for the iPhone is your new whisky companion for all types of whisky translated into 7 languages: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish.

Download The Whisky App on your iPhone today from Apple’s App Store. The Whisky App will also be available on the iPad and on Android devices later.