Now on the iPad too

Today version 1.2 of The Whisky App was released in Apple’s App Store. Since the first version of the app was released for the iPhone I have been working on the iPad version of it and now it is finally here. The app is universal which means that you buy it once and it will run on both the iPhone and the iPad.

The larger screen of the iPad makes it possible to show some more information about each whisky in the list view. But I came to the conclusion that what really matters is the photo of the bottle. I therefore enlarged the bottle photos and created these “whisky cards” you see. I think that this solution will make it easier to find the bottle you are looking for.

The Whisky App for the iPad - List

I knew it would be a challange to display the detailed information of each bottle in a way that would not ruin the overview. When I look back at the iPad version of iMalt I see this wall of information that is kind of hard to digest and I really wanted to make this better.

First I made a grid of six equally sized boxes to show information in. In the iPhone version, the detail view is split into bottle details, tasting notes and activity so that was three boxes. Then a box for the bottle photo. Last I thought it would be clever to add the information about the brand/distillery in the fifth box and the photo of it in the sixth box. However, it looked exactly like the wall of information that I was trying to avoid. Furthermore, the iPad’s larger screen had not made it easier for the user to use the app.

I had to start over. I liked the grid view so I kept it. I used more space on the bottle details and I also pulled the information about the user’s bottle and his tasting notes out in the front. I removed the brand/distillery information completely and merged the other users’ tasting notes and the bottle activity into one box. The result was much better.

The Whisky App for the iPad - Details

The whisky bottles really stands out as the primary information in the iPad version of the app. The secondary information about brands and distilleries and so forth is out of the way but it should still be easy to access.

The menu from the iPhone version would not work good on the iPad so I made this toolbar instead that slides up from the bottom when you tap the button in the upper left corner of the app. When you tap a menu item, the information will be displayed in a popover, much the same way as it is on the iPhone.

The Whisky App for the iPad - Distillery

I really hope that you will enjoy this new version of The Whisky App and as always I would be happy to hear your feedback – either on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail (