The Whisky App

The Whisky App puts your whisky collection and tasting notes right at your fingertips. You can keep track of your collection by choosing from more than 2,500 bottles or you can add your own. The Whisky App support all types of whisky/whiskey such single malt and grain, blended, blended grain and malt, Kentucky straight boubon and straight rye, pure pot still, Tennessee and white dog.

It’s easy to make tasting notes by using tags. Make your own, or see tasting notes that others have made​​. Tasting notes made in one language are translated into the other languages that The Whisky App supports. These languages are: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The Whisky app comes with 90 days free access to The Whisky App Cloud Service. This service gives you access to updates, tasting notes and the ability to sync data between your devices.

Find more information about The Whisky App belows the images.


It is easy to find the whisky you are looking for. Use the search function or browse whiskies in the various collections. You can even make your own collection.


The data sheets for each bottle is quality assured before it enters The Whisky App and each bottle is beautifully illustrated.


Rate the whiskies you have tasted and write you tasting notes by using tags. It can’t be easier!


You will also find information about many distilleries and how to get in contact with them.


Not all whisky come from a single distillery so they are instead labeled under a brand. Your can find information about brands too in The Whisky App.