Blind Tastings

Maybe you have made the same experience. You are already at the bar that is hosting the tasting event and are looking forward to the first dram. The room is almost full as the tasting event is about to begin. Your iPad is in front of you and you want to prepare iMalt for your tasting notes. Normally you would create a tasting event and connect the applicable whiskies to it. Maybe you would also add some whiskies that are not already in the iMalt database. But this tasting event is special – it is a blind tasting event. You don’t know which whiskies you are going to taste so where do you put your tasting notes?

One user ran into this problem and made his own sheet for tasting notes, that he could later fill into the iMalt app. The great thing about this solution is that he can still use his iPad since he made the sheet in Pages. Of course you could also print it out and write the notes by hand. The best of all is that he wants to share his solution with all of us so I have now made it available to all of you on this page. Thank you Marcel!

Whisky tasting notes in Pages format (zipped)
Whisky tasting notes in PDF format

Of course the optimal solution would be to support blind tasting notes in some way directly in the iMalt app. I will look into this.