App Submitted to Apple for Review

It can’t be long now. The Whisky app was submitted to Apple for review about a week ago and if everything goes well, The Whisky App will be available in Apple’s App Store in a few days.

It’s always exciting to release a new app but this one is special. My old single malt whisky app (iMalt) has a lot of dedicated users and it is going to be interesting to see how they like the new app. Hopefully they feel the same way that I do: That The Whisky App is a great improvement over iMalt.

If I could pick only one thing to highlight it would be the new tasting note system. The old system made it possible to rate color, nose, body, taste and finish on a high level and you could also write your own notes. Maybe this was good enough for making your own notes but it may not have been that useful to other users. Especially if the notes were written in other languages than English.

The new tasting note system is primarily based on tags. The tags are devided into ten groups; one for color, one for the feel and eight for the different smell/flavour groups. You can put tags on color, nose, taste and finish. There are almost 1,000 tags to pick from and it is easy to find the one you are looking for by browsing the different tag groups or by searching among all of them. One thing I like about browsing a group is that you get inspired to find tags that fits but that you did not think of. I believe that this will help many whisky lovers make better tasting notes.

Now that it is much easier to make good tasting notes it will also be easier for others to read those tasting notes and get more value out of them. Another great advantage by using tags is that they are so much easier to translate than written text. One minute a guy in Italy can make his tasting notes in The Whisky App in Italian and the next minute a guy in England, Germany or Norway can read the tasting notes in his native language. I think that this is amazing!

That’s all for now. Slainté


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