A New Beginning

Welcome to The Whisky App website. Here you will find information about the upcoming whisky app called The Whisky App. It has been five years since my first whisky app iMalt saw the day of light and it has been a greater success than I could hope or dream of. To date it has been purchased by more than 28.000 whisky lovers and it is still quite popular among many other whisky apps.

However, a lot have happened since 2009 and the iMalt app is in many ways old. I therefore wanted to start all over and build a new whisky app from the ground up and of course keep all the good things from iMalt. Everything from the user interface to the backend services have been redesigned and rewritten to give a much better user experience. At the same time I have chosen to include all types of whiskies in the app instead of just single malt.

I have also introduced a new tasting note system based on tags which is really simple to use. The benefit of using tags is also that they are easy to translate into other languages. Translation of the iMalt app has been requested by many users and I am happy to confirm that The Whisky App is currently being translated into more than a handfull of languages.

The first version of The Whisky App is made for the iPhone and in the near future the app will also support the iPad. At a later stage an Android version of The Whisky App will come.

The beta version of The Whisky App has been tested for a while now and the last touches are being put on the final 1.0 version of the app. We are not far from a release now.

Stay tuned for more information.